Here’s a quick and dirty—but helpful and actionable—tip for today… about comps.

How long does it take you to gather and review comps?

I knew one newbie who said it took her 1.5 hours(!) to gather comps, analyze them and make an offer. What the what?!

That’s nuts!

Know wonder she was super frustrated. 

The thing is… she was clearly overthinking everything. Overcomplicating. 🙁

It actually is stupid simple.

Here’s what I do…

My VA pulls comps from 3–5 websites—for a least option, she averages the numbers. For a regular wholesaling deal, she simply uses the lowest price as your offer. 

We use these sites:

It really should only take a few minutes from beginning the comps search to analyze the numbers to emailing and mailing the offer. 10 minutes max.

Besides, if your offer price ends up being off, you can always renegotiate

And remember, we’re in the marketing business not the investing business.
Market… talk with sellers… make 5 offers a day… follow up. BOOM. That’s how you do deals.
This is simple—don’t overthink it.

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