I have a GREAT idea for you!

If you don’t have money for marketing, read carefully. 

See, I remember how tough it was when I was getting started. Especially the part about having little cash to spend on marketing. It’s rough, I know.

So, quick tip coming at ya…

Instead of asking how to get money for marketing, ask who has money for marketing.

In your area, there are a number of cash buyers around—investors who have cash and are out there buying up houses. Usually, buy-&-hold investors. Go find them!


Because you will likely find one (or more!) who would agree to partner up with you in a business agreement. 


Well, they want to do deals but don’t want to mess with the marketing. So… you’ll explain how you can get them more deals and they don’t have to touch marketing stuff. For real…

They can fund the marketing—and you take care of all the marketing campaigns, prescreening the leads, answering the phone, meeting and talking with sellers and the follow-up. All of it.

And, just ask what a fair fee would be for you to do the marketing work. Maybe it’s $1,500 per deal, $2k or $3,000. If they’re an active investor, they’ll know numbers. Just make sure it’s fair.

Pro Tip: If you bring them a deal that they don’t want, for whatever reason. Simply market it to other investors. 

And hey, ease into a partnership… tell the investor you both can try out the partnership for 3 months and see how it goes. If it works, everyone wins. If not, politely part ways. 

I’m telling you, though, this works. This could really be your cash source for marketing. 

Remember—no excuses! Hop to it.

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