Do you like Mondays?

Well, I sure as heck do!

Mondays always tend to remind me how much I LOVE what I do… 

See, because I’m living the lifestyle that I love, I have no need to dread Mondays.

And I know so many entrepreneurs who feel the same way.

I mean, working for yourself changes everything. I know because I’ve worked for “The Man” and now I happily work for myself.

You probably know that in addition to actively doing deals, I’m also a coach. I love coaching! I love sharing my knowledge and helping people succeed in this business.

I often hear from people who are interested in becoming coaches, too.

And I have some truth to hit you with about that:

You shouldn’t be in the coaching business unless:

#1. You really know what you’re doing; you’re not an idiot

#2. You’re passionate about it… it’s not just fun to you—you get excited by it and excited about helping others and you actually do help them

Look, do those 2 things and you can make very good money in the coaching business. I sure do. And I’m not ashamed to admit that.

I’ve been a coach for nearly 10 years now… for me, it’s very fulfilling. I love watching my students crush it. That feels good.

I even hold coaching workshops to teach people how to be a good coach. Love that too. 

Man, I just really love teaching.

So, check this out…

I know one coach in our arena who charges $25,000 upfront and $800 a month. You’re probably thinking, “Whoa, that’s a ton of cash!” 

But his students are making $30k-$50k per rehab. He partners with them and spends LOTS of time with them… he helps them find deals, evaluates the deals, gets contractors, helps them make smart offers.

So, his students split the deals with him… but he’s providing tremendous value. And many times, the student’s half of the split is $20k-$30k. Yeah. Not a bad day.

Word of Caution: Not everyone is cut out to be a coach. Not everyone should be a coach. There are definitely so-called coaches who charge too much and are hard to get in touch with and they’re just not worth it. Steer clear.

But as for me, thanks to my investing business and my coaching business, I’m all good. I love it all. I love Mondays!

I hope you can get to that point too. Maybe I can help you. Or maybe another well-qualified coach can help. 

No matter what you do… take action now, today. You got this.

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