Do you want to build a business—a well-oiled machine—that can wholesale deals with or without you?

That’s what I did.

I outsource as much as I can—through:

  • systems
  • delegation
  • automation
  • my team

It’s allowed me to travel across the globe with my family while deals just keep getting done. 🙂

And you could do this too. I really mean it.

But, time and again, I’ve seen investors make these 2 common mistakes with outsourcing:

  1. Outsourcing too much too quickly
  2. Outsourcing the wrong things

So, here’s my advice to outsource the effective way…

Take a step back, folks.

Simply outsource little tasks one at a time.

Baby steps at first.

I suggest that your VA (virtual assistant) do these 3 important tasks:

  1. Your marketing
  2. Update your CRM (I love and use Podio)
  3. All of your follow up

But don’t start with all those things at once—too much, too fast!

Did you notice what’s NOT included in that task list?

Calling and talking to sellers…

That is the LAST task you should outsource.

As you’re getting your business going, seller conversations is most definitely a task YOU should be doing. You need to be answering the lead calls and talking with sellers. It’s the most important and valuable thing you can even do—it’s where the magic happens more often than not.

I did. When I first started.

That’s how I learned this business… what to say and what not to say.

Now, when the time comes that you’re ready to outsource that task, you need to find somebody local

Maybe a Realtor.

Or, heck, check out… that’s where a colleague of mine found an amazing woman for his business, and she’s crushing it for him.

Awesome, right?

Just know this: Don’t expect to get a virtual assistant (VA) full-time at $500/month or $2-$3/hour who can do a good job talking to and negotiating with sellers.

I pay my VAs who talk to sellers $9-$10/hour. It’s a critical task that should be paid a premium for.

But please start by outsourcing the tasks I mentioned above before jumping to that one.

And remember…

If you systematize and automate correctly, outsourcing tasks is an incredible time-saver and can really boost your business growth. It sure did mine.

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