So today, I want to share something that came about from a convo I had with one of my coaching students. 

I’m just going to come right out and say it: focus on the phone over email.

When you’re marketing for cash buyers, don’t put all your efforts into asking them to go to your website and enter their email address. Forget that tactic. Sure, it used to work… but the problem with websites and emails (even if you offer something for free in exchange) is that people aren’t paying attention anymore because they get inundated.

You want cash buyers to call your cell phone. And you best answer that call or have a live VA do it.

Hear me now: Most of your buyers will come from a phone call or text message.

And, you’ll likely end up with 3 to 4 regular, solid cash buyers—and you’re going to sell most of your deals to those few.

Eventually, you’ll learn exactly what they want, and you’ll shop for those types of deals because you know you have buyers ready.

Or, when a deal comes your way, you’ll already have a buyer in mind since you’ll know exactly what your short list of buyers wants.

Remember, your goal is not to get these buyers to your website to opt in. Nope.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn't have a website or a lead capture page. You should.

What I’m saying is, when you advertise a contract… just put your cell number on it. You want them to call you. Don’t even include your website. For real.

My whole point is this: Get these buyers on the phone. Talk to them. If the numbers make sense, you’ll be good to go. (If the numbers aren’t so great, renegotiate.)

Again, a website and email list are good and have their place… but a phone number is best. 

A phone number is 100x better than an email address.

Now go make your phone ring.

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