When I first started out as an investor, I was probably the most nervous person around. Instead of taking action, I kept taking another course. 

My thought was, I still don’t know enough to actually go out and do this stuff…. 

I’ve got to know more, to learn more, to study more. So I did. For 3 longs years. :-/

Does that sound familiar? Has that been true with you?

It’s time to stop buying more courses and start buying houses. You likely have enough education to get started. I mean, if you already have a couple of courses, you do NOT need more.

See, there’s no magic course that will give you every single thing you need and push you over the edge to get you to deal-making—you’re ready now. Action is what’s needed.

Heck, there’s so much free content and podcasts out there, like mine—Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast—to give you what you need.

It’s time to take action and implement what you know.

I’m speaking from experience. As I said, it took me 3 years… I kept buying courses. Then finally, I focused on one strategy—wholesaling—and I focused on direct mail postcards and focused on one list, I had one contract I used…

Guess what?

It started working. I started closing deals.

I remember thinking, “Holy smokes, this actually DOES work!” 

I just had to get out there and do it. Put it into action. 

I’ll be honest, I was super nervous to talk with my first seller. But I found a script and used that to guide me. When I got it under contract, I used a cheap bandit sign to find a buyer. Then, when I found a buyer, I ended up using his title company, because I didn’t have one yet… 

I just did the next step. I kept taking action. 

And my 1st deal: $13k profit. Yeah, that was a good day! 🙂

So, I get it. It’s scary and you don’t want to make mistakes (news flash—we ALL make mistakes, just learn from them so you avoid them the next time).

No excuses, people.

Just take action. Fail forward. 

Stop buying courses and start buying houses.

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