Does this sound like you? 

When I first started out as an investor, I was probably the most paranoid person around. Instead of taking action, I kept taking another course. My thought was, I still don’t know enough to actually go out and do this stuff…. I’ve got to know more, to learn more, to study more. 

So I did. For 3 painfully long years.

Has that been true with you?

I’m willing to bet that you if you’re reading this, you have enough education. You do not need another course or seminar or webinar. 

Here’s what you need to do… stop buying courses and start buying houses. Take action on what you do know.

There is no perfect course… no magic bullet. You’ve just got to do what I did, and every other successful investor out there… fail forward fast. Figure it out as you go and learn from the mistakes. 

I get it, I’ve been there…

During the 3 years, I kept buying course after course, and not implementing what I had learned… I was the one who was bellyaching that this stuff doesn’t work. I guess that’s why I have such a heart for newbies. And why I create so many free teaching podcasts.

So, here’s what it took for me to finally go out and close a deal. I laser-focused on only 1 strategy—I started with low-hanging fruit: wholesaling.

I sent postcards to 1 list: absentee owners. I used 1 contract. And I used 1 script when talking with sellers. BTW—I was terrified the first time I talked with a seller. And scared throughout the whole deal too.

But I did it. 

That first deal netted me $12k.

My point in all of this is: Take action! 

As you do deals, then you can grow and scale and branch out. Start with 1 strategy and 1 marketing technique. Don’t go balls to the wall right out of the gate. Do 1 step at a time.

Look, you already know enough to do deals now. So frickin’ do it. 

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