Hey, there—so I recently took yet another real estate continuing education class. (They’re required for me to maintain my Realtor’s license.) 

And this one really got me super excited! So much so, that I want to share the info with you. 🙂

Of course, you know what an IRA is: Individual Retirement Account

But did you know that you can move an IRA account into a self-directed IRA… and use it to invest in real estate?


And, that money is tax-deferred/tax-free. Woohoo!

But there’s even more good stuff there… investing in real estate with self-directed IRAs gives you better and less risky returns than the stock market.

So, how can you use self-directed IRAs to attract buyers for your deals?

After all, he who has the best buyers wins.

Well, there’s a guy I know who hosts free seminars about how to move an IRA into a self-directed IRA, and the benefits people get from doing it… 

So, he’s got a room full of people with lots of money sitting in their accounts… and he basically turns those people into his buyers by teaching them about self-directed IRAs. Genius!

Here’s what I suggest you do with that idea… 

First, learn what self-directed IRAs are—but that should go without saying.

Get in touch an IRA company, go meet the custodians and gather info. RA companies have a ton of marketing materials that you can use to get a workshop going.

Heck, you could “partner up” with an IRA custodian and probably even get affiliate commissions from them, which will pay for the space you rent for the workshop and for your marketing.

Then… post Facebook ads and bandit signs offering a free workshop that teaches how to invest in real estate using self-directed IRAs. (Just make sure to be careful about NOT advertising or soliciting for private money, i.e. notes.)

You’ll then be the liaison… connecting them with deals.

This is a GREAT way to find buyers—with a lot of money—and once they do a deal or two with you, they’ll be huge fans… and they’ll tell all their friends with money about you and your awesome real estate investment business.

I’m really pumped about this idea. And I’m excited to learn more about it. 

You should too.

Seems like a huge untapped resource—your new buyer wins and you make good profits along the way too as you do deals together.

Start looking into companies that have self-directed IRA custodians today.

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