Question for ya…

Do you think your market is too competitive and investing doesn’t work?

Well, this happens to be a top complaint I hear ALL. THE. TIME.

“There’s no deals…” 

“No seller wants to sell their house at a discount…” 

“I can’t find any deals on the MLS…”

“Direct mail sucks…”

Bah humbug! Yeah, I’ve heard them all. And know what? I’m guilty of saying some of them too.

But here’s the bottom line — in this business, you can only do deals with motivated sellers. So, your main job is to do marketing to find motivated sellers. And they’re out there. They really are!

If you’re not doing deals, it’s NOT because there are no deals… it’s because you’re not doing enough marketing and you’re not following up on leads. Period.

It’s a numbers game, people! The more marketing you do, the more offers you can make, the more deals you’ll do.

But here’s the key: It has to be persistent, consistent marketing.

Look, you need lots of fishing lines out there, lots of lures, lots of different kinds of lures and lines… that way, you’ll constantly have leads filling your pipeline.

And, you will do more deals from following up with old leads than you will with new leads. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. When you track your deals, you’ll see the same.

More than 50% of my deals come from following up. The fortune is in the follow up.

Don’t get discouraged. Deals are out there. 

What else helps? Venture out — remotely — into new markets. Smaller cities are especially good options. And, offer creative financing. 

Remember: Always be marketing. It never stops. Have a VA or local assistant take care of it for you.

Market. Make offers. Follow up. Do deals. 


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