So, I recently wrote about how important it is to ask questions… and listen to the answers.

I said you should be listening more than you’re talking. 3x as much, actually.

If you aren’t… you have to learn how to be a listener. (I even gave some awesome book recommendations in that email to help build listening skills.)

But here’s the thing…

Listening actually isn’t hard. Even better, it doesn’t complicate your business. It only makes it more awesome.

You’ve got to develop listening skills. And the way to start is simply by asking questions and then shutting your mouth. Yeah, just like that. That’s an excellent start…

See, the thing to remember when you’re talking to sellers is: This is NOT about you.

This is not about how cool you are… or how many houses you can buy or sell… 

This is not about how much money you make… 

You don’t need to impress sellers.

This is about you asking questions and listening. That’s it.

I mean, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason, right?

You’ve got to listen more… SO MUCH MORE than you talk.

A key to success in this industry (heck, in ANY industry) is asking questions and listening.


Be a listener.


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