Are you on the X?

Do you have any idea what that means?

Well, I didn’t either. I heard it from a guy giving an incredibly inspiring presentation. This guy was a Navy seal and he was saying that they’re trained in special ops about the X. The X is when you’re in a really tight spot and you have to make your decision. 

So, the first thing they teach in training is that you have to recognize you’re on the X

And the second thing you need to do is get off the X

I thought that was profound. Let me tell you a little more about it… 

This guy shared that he was on a mission overseas, and his truck was being followed by terrorists. They tried to lose them, but ended up stuck at a roadblock. The terrorists caught up and surrounded his vehicle. 

He realized, at that point, that he was on the X. And he needed to get off the X. Now! So, he hit the gas really hard, crashed into a terrorist, then crashed into another car, and then got out — barely surviving.

Amazing story. 

But the point is, we all have an X — that point in our life where we need to recognize we’re on the X, and that we need to get off the X. 

For some of you, you’ve got to take an honest look at your business and your life, and you’ve got to recognize when you’re on that X. So, let’s look at what X could be in a real estate investing business.

X = You’re hemorrhaging cash.
You’re spending more money on education than you’re actually making on deals… and it’s affecting your marriage.

Get off that X!

X = You’re wasting time.
You’re spending too much time on the computer studying another REI course… and not enough time focusing on your kids.

Get off that X!

X = You’re spinning.
You’re juggling too many plates, chasing shiny objects… and you’re just not getting anywhere.

Get off that X!

Consider this: Does it matter if you have a successful business… when your personal home life is falling apart? 

You need to get off the X. 

Stop buying REI courses and take action

Or, quit REI and focus on your J.O.B. Seriously, maybe investing just isn’t your thing. That’s ok. But get off the X!

This reminds me of another story I heard from Sean Terry, who was a marine and is an amazing investor now. He says whenever you’re facing an obstacle, you can make several decisions: 

  • You can choose to stop and quit. 
  • You can choose to go around the obstacle. 
  • You can choose to go to the left or the right or up and over it or dig up something underneath it. 
  • Or you can choose the blast right through it. 

And the best course, usually, is to blast right through it. If you want the fastest path to success, you just need to destroy your obstacles. 

Get off that X!

And of course, God bless our veterans.

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