Okay, so I got a question from a listener of my podcast. And I want to share it with you because it can help everyone, no matter what kind of deals you’re doing.

This guy had placed a simple Craigslist ad that said his company was looking to lease houses on a long-term basis. 

He ended up getting a reply from a woman asking for information about his company—she wanted to know if he was reputable.

So, my listener wanted to know how to handle this.

The answer has to do with positioning.

Here’s what I mean…

If you have to justify who you are… your experience…  and your years in the business—you’ve just lost the game. 🙁

It means you’ve switched over to selling a service. You are not selling—you are buying. You have the cash to solve their problem.

They are the ones who need to sell you on their house. You then must qualify them.

Think of it this way… you go to a car dealership with a wad of money. A good $20k. You’re ready to buy a car. But the dealer starts peppering you with questions: How long have you been driving? Have you ever had an accident? How many cars have you bought before? When did you get your driver’s license?

That doesn’t happen! You’re not there to sell the dealer on one of his cars.

Likewise.. you are not talking to a seller to sell them anything. Your job is not to go in there and sell yourself to the seller… you do not need to explain how awesome you are.

They need to explain to you why you should buy their house.

This is the position you must take and maintain as you talk to the seller. You must stay in control of the conversation. 

If they ask about you and your experience, you turn the tables and ask more questions about their house…


Say something like: “Hey, hang on a second, I don’t even know if I want to buy your house. I need some info about it to see if it’s even a good fit for me. I’m not even sure I’m interested in buying it.”

You need to be the one asking the questions. The harder you chase sellers, the faster they’ll run.

Don’t be the desperate motivated buyer.

Qualify your sellers first. Don’t get stuck in this trap.

It’s a simple but important strategy to use.

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