So, you probably know that while I’m an active investor, I’m also a coach. I really love working 1-on-1 with students and I also do group coaching. It’s truly become a passion of mine.

And, naturally, I get lots of questions—especially from newer investors—and I also hear rumblings…

Here’s something that I keep hearing time and again from discouraged newbies:

“This just isn’t working.”

And to that, I ask them: “Is it not working? Or are you not working?”

See, when they tell me it’s not working because they only made 3 offers in the past week, I call them on it.


Because I teach—based on my own personal investing experience—that you have to make 5 offers every single day. That’s when it works…

When you work the system as instructed, everything will come together and fall into place.

I also tell them that they have to think long term, not short term.

Here’s why…

Truth: Every deal is battle. Every deal comes from hustling.

I bet you, if you were to do some marketing and you got 30 leads, not 1 of those leads is going to be so desperate and motivated that they’re practically begging to give you their house.

Maybe 1% of all the deals that you’ll ever do will be easy like that.

If you think you can just send out a marketing campaign and “see if it works”… to that I say, don’t even waste your time.

You have got to be committed to doing this—for at least 6 months.

Let me tell you this… I have never met anyone who’s been doing direct mail marketing for 12 months who hasn’t been doing deals.


Because they’re working the process… they’re doing marketing and they’re following up, repeatedly.

They’re in it. They’re doing it…

Do you know how many times you need to follow up before you get a deal?

Studies have proved that typically, it takes 7 times. 7! Over 80% of deals happen after that 7th time.

Are YOU following up that many times?

Are YOU committed to consistent marketing?

The students and investors I see who are having success are committed, and they refuse to quit. They’re persistent. They’re making offers (at least 5 a day!) and they’re following up (5, 6, 7, 8 times!).

Don’t you dare tell me this doesn’t work…

Real estate investing—the way I teach it and the way I do it—works. Period.

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