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I often say that we’re NOT in the real estate business… we’re in the marketing business. And that is SO true.

But, we’re also in the people business—as in, the business of relationships.

So, you know that I’m a teacher, mentor and coach—and while my students and clients are learning from me, I’m also learning from them… as well as from my investing colleagues.

Relationships are crazy important in our industry…

Not just professional ones—like with other investors and Realtors and closing agents and attorneys and title companies—but also with buyers and sellers.

So let me ask you…

Who, in the real estate investing business, are you personally interacting with?

Which investors in your sphere of influence can you network with and learn from?

New investor? No problem…

Find other newbies in your area and get together. You could even start your own Mastermind Group!

Hang out and brainstorm… share deals and ideas.

Heck, you could (and should!) role play. Yep, check this out…

Role play talking to sellers with members of your group. Knowing how to talk to sellers is HUGE and practice makes perfect. Role playing a seller conversation can really hone your skills.

I’m serious—DO this.

Also, check out your local REIA groups, Facebook investing groups that meet in person and Just find ways to network

I can assure you there are like-minded investors right there in your own community who you can build strong relationships with.

And you can help and encourage one another.

Remember, I learn as I teach and share. And I learn from other investors’ ideas. And at the same time, they learn from me. Everyone wins. 🙂

Building those critical relationships will help you go far in this business.

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