Do you get nervous when it’s time to start calling sellers?

Do you put off making the calls you know you need to make—simply because you’re so uncomfortable?

And would you believe that after all this time I’ve been in this business, I still sometimes struggle with nervousness? 

It’s true… 

I say that to let you know that it’s natural and you’re certainly not alone. It’s not an easy thing to do.

But there are a few mind tricks I use to push past that nervousness. 

And, I think these could help you too.

So, here’s what I do: First, I go into the conversation with a positive mental attitude


I relax, take a deep breath… and enter the conversation simply as a person who’s looking to a buy a house. That’s it.

I’m not selling myself…

I’m not selling how I awesome I am…

I’m not selling a lease purchase concept…

I’m not selling the fact that I’ve got cash and can close quick…

I’m just a guy who wants to make an offer to buy a house.

How you approach the seller is a HUGE part of getting started off right.

Then, just ask a question about their house to see if it fits your qualifications to buy it. It’s that simple. “Tell me about your house, Mr. Seller.”

Remember, you’re there to solve their problem… they have a house to sell and you have the money to buy it.

If they’re not interested in selling to me—that’s okay, I’ve got dozens of other sellers to talk to.

Think about it this way…

When you go to your doctor and he walks in, he says: “Tell me about your problem that brings you here today.”

He doesn’t say right away: “Let me tell about how amazing of a doctor I am and all the incredible things I can do.”

Get my point?

See, as they begin to tell you about the house, you can pepper in questions, asking why the seller hasn’t been able to sell the house yet and if they’d consider renting it… 

Heck, even ask them why they should sell your house to you.

Because you also want to figure out their story, their situation—which is their motivation for needing to sell. If they only want to sell, move on.

And make sure you are listening, people! Hear what the seller is saying.

That’s all important so you can make a good offer.

Use this perspective: The seller should sell you on the house—you don’t need to sell yourself. 

Be the reluctant buyer.

Remember, don’t overcomplicate the process. Keep it simple. Just have a conversation, that’s all it is.

And focus on making offers 5 offers a day. Simple. 

The more you do it, the better you’ll get. Just practice… you’ll be good to go in no time.

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