Life is good. And part of the reason why is because I’m a self-employed entrepreneur investor. 

And I LOVE this business. 🙂

You probably also know that I love wholesaling lease option deals. Now that I’ve mastered those, I’m looking into another strategy…

Commercial deals.

Didn’t expect me to say that, did ya?!

And to be honest with you, it is a little intimidating. I’ve only ever worked with single-family homes and just one 3-family space in “The Sticks.” 

But after The Sticks deal, I realized that it’s not so scary. It’s just a few extra rooms and doors — and a few extra zeros, too.

So, my partners and I are looking for apartment building deals. Here’s our criteria. 

  • We want 100+ units, the bigger the better. 
  • We’re focusing on buildings built in the 1980s up to now. (But I’m not saying I wouldn’t check out a 19760s or ‘70s building. I would.)
  • It’s gotta be an off-market listing.
  • It must be in a major metro area, in a good cash-flowing market.
  • It must be bankable.
  • Value-add is great—if it needs work, we’re in.

So, we are marketing for these types of deals. And I’m excited about it. 

Some great markets we’re looking at for these apartment deals are: 

  • Indianapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Memphis

And, I’m inviting you to send me deals you know about that fit this criteria and I’ll happily pay you a handsome finder’s fee and maybe even some equity.

So, there you have it. If you’ve mastered a strategy and you’re ready to grow… consider apartment deals. They’re interesting deals and highly profitable. 

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