About Me

Joe is

An avid family guy, who enjoys hanging out with his kids at the zoo, or golfing with his boys, or swimming with his girls in the pool. Nothing is more important to Joe than God and family.

Faith Corner

Let me just say that I am constantly amazed by Jesus Christ and how awesome He is. He has literally changed my life – forever. I am FAR from perfect (as if you really needed me to tell you that). But despite all the mistakes I have made and how often I fail, I know that because of His grace He’s made me clean. I am a new person. He has justified me – making me “just as if I’d” never sinned. I don’t deserve His mercy. I was once an enemy of God. But now I am His friend. And really… not just His friend, but His adopted son. It’s truly humbling if you stop and think about it. I get the grace. He gets the glory.

For a real simple website that explains everything I am talking about, GO HERE.

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