Okay, I’m pretty pumped… 

I’ve got a client I’m doing lease options with in southern California. Super competitive market, but we’re doing it!

The first day we started marketing, we already got leads. Man that got me excited. It sure looks like we’re going to have real success with this endeavor.

All we’re doing is sending text messages. And, we’re getting positive responses to our texts at a rate of 8% to 10%! That’s a great response rate.

And you know I love me some systems, right? So of course I’m not sitting here texting each lead one at a time. No sir. I’m using Mighty Text — you just hook up a smartphone to your computer… and your VA can program the texts with the Might Text app.

Here’s what we’re doing: Our VA is finding For Rent and FSBOs on Craigslist and Zillow and texting them: “Hey, saw your property ad, are you interested in a rent to own?”

The positive responses we’re getting are: 

  • Maybe
  • Sure
  • Depends
  • Which property?

Those are all a step in the right direction!

And of course, we’re following up with phone call to every one of those responders. Now, they may say they won’t sell to an investor. But that doesn’t matter — we will keep following up with them.

After the phone call, my boots on-the-ground partner also sends an offer in an email and snail mail. And we include some info about lease options too.

Here’s something to keep in mind — it takes an average of 7 touches for someone to finally say yes. And that takes 2–3 months of following up before it can turn into an actual deal. It does take time. But it’s worth it!

Ok, I’m gonna leave with you some powerful reminders:

  • Always be marketing.
  • The phone is the fastest way to a deal. 
  • Your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers you make.
  • The fortune is in the follow up.

Do those… and you’ll do deals. 🙂

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