I heard something really, really great from a guy named Taki Moore. He’s a coaches’ coach. In other words, he coaches people who coach others. Like, yours truly.

So, Taki talked about 3 different kinds of accountability:

  1. Self-accountability is when you make a promise to yourself. Think New Year’s resolutions. Not usually successful, right?
  2. Coaching accountability is when I hold students accountable for meeting their goals and reporting back to me the numbers related to their real estate investing business. If they say they will make 5 offers a week, is it really happening?

    I even give my students a scorecard to fill out their numbers. Sad thing is, most students don’t use the scorecard and those who do, don’t maintain it.

    I mean, I really want to help my students, and I do think coaching accountability is a good way to do that. It just doesn’t seem to be super-effective long term.
  3. Partnership accountability means that you and a friend hold each other accountable for doing something.

    For example…you and a friend/partner commit to walking at 6:30 every morning. When your alarm goes off, you don’t want to get out of your warm, cozy bed and go, but you do because someone’s going to be outside waiting for you. You don’t want to let them down.

    And, if you do this with 3 or 4 friends, it’s a lot harder to cancel on a group than it is just one person.

Now, apply this to your real estate business. 

How’s about this…

Once a week, meet up with another investor, or even 2 or 3 others. Sit down in the same room and make 25 follow-up calls each. Work on the marketing. Scrape Craigslist. Send 25 texts. Write 20 yellow letters. Call sellers. Make offers.

See, you have to complete the task because your buddies/colleagues are right there. And, you may learn something from hearing how others talk to their leads or the way they write their letters. 

And heck, it’s good to be a little social this way. You can even make a game of it… the first person who has a silly seller call has to buy a round of beer. Or the first person to land a deal donates $50 to a shelter. Have a little fun with it.

So, self-accountability is meh. Coaching accountability is only slightly better. 

Partnership accountability works. 🙂

Go do it. Today.

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