So, I recently wrote an email about a creative way to do deals even if you don’t have money for marketing. I suggested a clever ‘partnership’ with active cash buyers. 

But I was talking with another coaching student of mine about her lack of marketing budget and it got me thinking about other ideas too…

Sooo many times I see students or newbies get lost in the details and complicate things. You’ve just gotta keep this simple, folks.

No money for marketing? 

Do these 3 things…

  1. Hop on Craigslist and Zillow every day. Find 20 rentals or FSBOs. Text each of them:

“Hey, saw your FSBO. I’m an investor. I’m interested in your property. Is your price negotiable?”

When you get a ‘yes’ reply, call them and chat.

  1. Go to Redfin. Look up older properties that have been on the market for at least 60 days and that need work. Email the listing agent saying you’re an investor interested in buying the property and include an offer (just do 85% of the list price to make it easy).

Do 10 of those a day. Just 10 simple emails.

  1. Find wholesalers in your area who have a lot of old leads and say:

“Hey, if you give me your old, dead leads, I’ll follow up with them… if I get the deal under contract, will you split the deal with me?”

Just call 10 old leads a day.

See? Simple.

If you send 20 texts a day and 10 emails to Realtors and make 10 calls to old leads… you will do deals. 

And all of those methods = FREE.

Make 5 offers a day. That’s how you get it done.

Take action. Today.

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