Today, I’m knocking out 3 great questions with short and sweet (and helpful) answers.

I’m going to get right to ‘em…

#1. Should the 5 offers you make daily be emails, phone calls, or letters?

Answer: Yes.

Ha! What I mean is, no matter how you make the offers, the important part is simply that you make them!

You’ll hear me say over and over again: Make 5 offers a day.

If you want to do a lot of deals, you have to make a lot of offers. So why not start at 5 a day?

Make an offer in every lead you get—from soft to warm—then you’ll be able to gauge the seller’s motivation and decide whether to move forward with an appointment or not.

Bottom line: Make 5 offers a day—call, email, send letters. (And, I usually do all three of these. I’ll call the seller, then email them and follow that up with a letter.)

Q #2. What do you write on postcards you mail to tax-delinquent homeowners?

Answer: I don’t.

Allow me to explain…

See, you have to be a bit delicate with the tax-delinquent list.

Because if you send them a postcard that says something like: ‘Hey, you’re past due on your taxes, you’re going to lose your home, but I can help and buy your house!”

…well, do you think the seller is going to be keen on getting a mailer like that and want to do business with you?


You’ve splatted their money problems on a postcard that the mail carrier and anyone else who comes into contact with that mailer can see.

My solution?

I send a simple letter in an envelope.

Problem solved.

Q #3. What do I look for when searching for deals on the MLS?

Answer: 2 main criteria:

Properties that have been on the market for at least 90 days
Houses that need work

Once we find these, there are 2 ways to move forward with an offer:

Have your VA email the listing agent a simple, generic offer and include a proof of funds letter
You call up the agent and make the offer verbally, while also offering the agent both sides of the commission if the seller accepts your offer

See, like I said, short and sweet—and helpful—investing info.

Don’t make this business harder than it needs to be, folks. Now, go find some deals and make some offers. 🙂

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