Hey there – so you’ve heard me say a million times: We’re in the marketing business, not the real estate business.

When you consistently market, you consistently have a pipeline filled with leads.

So, I quickly realized when I was beginning my business that I needed help with the marketing because I was letting it lapse while I followed up on leads. And then, of course, I ran out of leads. 🙁

So, I figured out I needed someone else to do my marketing. I started hiring virtual assistants (VA) early on – and it worked. Really well. Really, really well!

Now, my marketing is done for me, in spite of me.

You have so many marketing options that your VA can do for you. Here are 3 that’ll quickly explode your investing business, in a good way:

  1. Send text messages and emails to landlords who posted Craigslist rental ads.

If your VA sends 100 texts/emails, the response rate is about 10%, so you’ll get 10 leads. And if you want 50 leads/week, your VA will need to contact 500 landlords/week. (Mathing.) Totally doable.

  1. Pull addresses of all the homes listed for rent on Craigslist and Zillow. 

Then, your VA will look up the addresses on the County Records and send offer letters using Click2Mail to the property owners. 

Sending 100 letters a day with a 3%-5% response rate is 3-5 lead calls a day. Your VA does that every day, that’s 90–100 calls a month. Also, totally doable.

  1. Search Redfin for listed properties that are 60+ days on the market and need work. Email the listing agent. 

You can make it even easier… if you have MLS access that your VA can use. Your VA can easily send hundreds of these emails a month.

Now, I’m going to make these even better… 

Expand your markets.

Implement these plans in your target market AND begin to reach out into more cities. Start with smaller cities around your target market, and then go bigger… to any market in the country.

BTW: I’m a big believer in targeting small markets for a big payoff.

See, when you’ve got a VA (or 3!) doing all of this marketing daily, you’ll need to branch out in other markets or you’ll possibly run out of leads. But the beauty is, your VAs are so affordable, you actually can have a few of them doing all of this for you.

Im telling you, you’re going to have more leads than you can handle. That’s a great problem to have!

Now, go hire some VAs!

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