I just did a coaching call and it reminded me of something very important. Actually, 2 things that are super important:

  1. Listening
  2. Following up

Seriously, I could talk about these for hours (But I won’t. This time. Quick read, you’re welcome.). 


First, remember that this business is not about you. It’s about the sellers. They generally have a problem and you are there to help them solve it.

You are not the star of this show. Your seller is. 

Ask questions and LISTEN when they give answers. Because you have to make sure that you understand the seller’s situation. People can tell whether you truly ‘get’ what they’re talking about with you. 

We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason, folks.

I’m telling you, put your sellers first and the profits will follow. 

Second, the fortune is in the follow up. How’s about once a month just calling up the seller to check on them? Heck, your VA could do that. At the bare minimum, send them a postcard that says you’re still interested if they haven’t sold yet.

Nurture those relationships.

Your most valuable list is your follow-up list. Half, that’s right, 50% of all your deals will come from following up.

Most deals are not a sprint, they’re a marathon.

And, try this — partner with another local wholesaler. Ask for all their old, dead leads… follow up with those leads, and any deals that you get from them you’ll split with the investor. I know people who have tremendous success with that pro tip.

Bottom line: listen and follow up.

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