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Interview with Keith & Shannon French

WOW!!!¬† That’s about all I can say about Keith and Shannon French from Baltimore, Maryland.¬† I hope you guys enjoy this call as much as I did!

Keith & Shannon are making an average of $20,000 – $40,000 a month Wholesaling Lease Options!!!!

Yeah baby…..!

You can find our more about Keith & Shannon at &!

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  1. On wholesaling a lease option, aren’t you basically turning the owner into a landlord?

    • Joe McCall says:

      Many times, the seller has already accepted that they are going to have to be a landlord. They don’t know of any other option. They want to sell their house, but they can’t. So they’re going to rent it, like a regular rental, to a regular tenant. But now with a lease option, they are renting their property to someone who wants to BUY it. Big difference.

      Does that make sense? No one is forcing them to be a landlord. This is just another option. Plus, many times, I am staying in the middle. I am the landlord. Those are the best deals.

      • I have been checking into Lease Options, Master Lease Options and now Whoesaling Lease Options. Where does the Wholesale part come in? Is this not just another name for Lease Option or staying in the middle and calling it a Master lease option?

        I have been reading a lot about Real Estate Investing for years and now. It’s time for me to jump in as a Real Estate Investor. (I’m one of those…on a tight budget). I want to do Lease Options, and Master Lease Options. I too belive there are plenty of sellers that would fit this strategy. I’m looking forward to visiting Keith & Shannon’s website for more tips, Thank you for Sharing !

        In the real world, can a Newbie get started with Little or no money in LO, MLO’s, instead of having to start Wholesaling to generate some cash funds first, in order to get started?

        By the Way, I am a big fan of Joe McCalls Information, clear, concise and easy to understand Instruction. Because of his Youtube starter videos and the information on His Webite, I now believe that I can do this Too!

        Thanks, George

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