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Three Testimonials from Wholesaling Lease Option Clients

Testimonial 1 OK – this is really cool!  One of my coaching students, Chuck, from the awesome State of Washington, called me the other day with an awesome testimonial.  He just did his first deal and made an awesome $6,500!!!! (Sorry – There is no better word I can come up with when a student […]

Three Clients Make $39,294 Flipping Lease Options

This is so COOL!!!! Three students just made a total of $39,294 in the same week!  No one deserves this more than Steve, Will, and Henry!  They have been my hardest working students ever.  This makes it all worth it!  Congratulations, Guys!!!! 😀

How Scott Made $45,000 – By Just Marketing In All The Right Places

Would you like to hear how one student, Scott, made $45,595 on his last wholesale flip?  This is really cool!  You might be surprised at how simple the answer is.     Listen To The Interview Here:

Various Testimonials

One of the best things I love about this business is having the opportunity to help other people.  I get the awesome privilege of helping people grow in their businesses and realize financial independence.  I hope your testimony will be here next!