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Time Sensitive – Looking For Maybe ONE More Client

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Okay – here’s the deal… I am super pumped. (That picture above is from our current campsite in Sunset Bay State Park, Oregon.)

I am sitting in a bagel shop somewhere along the coast of Oregon, getting a little work done, and I JUST got off the phone with a coaching client (who is now a business partner because I have invested in his business).

Anyway – let’s call him Steve Johnson (because why not – that’s his real name). He left his cushy job a few weeks ago because he is doing so many deals now. And get this…

He has $40,000 on the books, RIGHT NOW, scheduled to close in a couple weeks.

Think he’s excited? He’s crushing it and his future looks really bright.

Here’s why I am writing this and why you should care…

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Joe Speaking in LA on March 11 & 15!

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What Are Wholesaling Lease Options / Cooperative Assignments?

Wholesaling Lease Options Money

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Why I Love Wholesaling Lease Options

Wholesaling Lease Options Money2

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Best Marketing Practices for Selling Your Lease Option Home

Wholesaling Lease Options Marketing

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Free Marketing Tips

Wholesaling Lease Options Tips

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The Real Estate Investor Creed

Wholesaling Lease Options Creed

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Interview with Keith & Shannon French

Wholesaling Lease Options Keith and Shannon French

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Marketing Examples – The Numbers

Wholesaling Lease Options Spreadsheet

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Three Testimonials from Wholesaling Lease Option Clients

Wholesaling Lease Options Check

Testimonial 1 OK - this is really cool!  One of my coaching students, Chuck, from the awesome State of Washington, called me the other day with an awesome testimonial.  He just did his first deal and made an awesome $6,500!!!! (Sorry - There is … [Continue reading]