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Indy & Bama – November Speaking Events

What’s up guys!? I am excited and pumped about two events that I am speaking at in the next few weeks… I want to tell you about them. If you’re in the area, stop by! I’d love to see you, shake hands, and say hi! I don’t travel much anymore to speak. So I guess […]

Think Outside The Wholesaling Box And Start Asking The Right Questions

Earlier today, my wife and I were hanging out our favorite cafe in Prague with our 4 kids. We bought some coffees for me and the wifey, and strawberry lemonade for the kids. We decided to buy the kids some pastries, but they were all out and they only had 3 croissants left. So we […]

The 5 Most Important Secrets To Success When Wholesaling Properties In Competitive Markets

Hey Guys! I just wanted to write something up that is real important… We were talking to a friend last night from Denver on our Podio coaching call. Denver is a very competitive city. Jason is on his way to over $120,000 in wholesaling profits in the last few months. He’s crushing it… Do you […]

Who is Joe McCall?

Watch this video about who Joe is and what he is most passionate about.  Also, see some interviews of clients that Joe has worked with recently.

Time Sensitive – Looking For ONE More Client

Okay – here’s the deal… I am super pumped. (That picture above is from our current campsite in Sunset Bay State Park, Oregon.) I am sitting in a bagel shop somewhere along the coast of Oregon, getting a little work done, and I JUST got off the phone with a coaching client (who is now […]

Joe Speaking in LA on March 11 & 15!

Listen to what I will be talking about here… Hey Friends!  I will be speaking at the Real Estate Investor Club of Los Angeles coming up on this Tuesday, March 11th – and again for a full day workshop on Saturday, March 15th.  See you there?  I sure hope so!  Here is some more information… […]

What Are Wholesaling Lease Options / Cooperative Assignments?

Let me first tell you a little bit about my background.  A few years ago, I was buying a lot of homes with traditional bank financing.  When the banks started telling me that I couldn’t buy anymore homes, I started buying homes “subject-to” the existing mortgage.  Pretty soon, I owned about 12 homes within 12 […]

Why I Love Wholesaling Lease Options

I like getting right to the point…  Wholesaling Lease Options allowed me to leave my job within a matter of months because my part-time income so quickly surpassed my full-time income – and I was making $75,000 / yr! Let me give you a quick list of why I love this business… You can bring […]

Best Marketing Practices for Selling Your Lease Option Home

There are some simple, basic principles for marketing a lease option home that if you consistently apply, will work wonders and help you find a well qualified tenant-buyer faster than all your competition. But…. you have to keep this incredibly simple, and often overlooked, principle in mind:  You can only sell homes that people want […]

Free Marketing Tips

Someone emailed me and was somewhat discouraged about the lack of response they were getting from their marketing.  I thought I would include my response here… ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know it’s easy to get discouraged. All I can say is don’t give up! I am doing 3-5 deals a month, on average. I am doing approximately […]

The Real Estate Investor Creed

This just came in my inbox from a great real estate teacher and investor I admire, Brian Gibbons (see his website here).  I am not sure if he wrote it, but I wanted to share it with you all.  It is now my Creed and I hope you can make it your own someday soon […]

Interview with Keith & Shannon French

WOW!!!  That’s about all I can say about Keith and Shannon French from Baltimore, Maryland.  I hope you guys enjoy this call as much as I did! Keith & Shannon are making an average of $20,000 – $40,000 a month Wholesaling Lease Options!!!! Yeah baby…..! You can find our more about Keith & Shannon at […]

Marketing Examples – The Numbers

Many have asked me how the “numbers work” & what kind of marketing I do to make the fantastic money I do. Well, I finally put together a spreadsheet and did a little video explaining it. I think you will like it! Now… This is important… I have to make a BIG disclaimer up front […]

Three Testimonials from Wholesaling Lease Option Clients

Testimonial 1 OK – this is really cool!  One of my coaching students, Chuck, from the awesome State of Washington, called me the other day with an awesome testimonial.  He just did his first deal and made an awesome $6,500!!!! (Sorry – There is no better word I can come up with when a student […]

Three Clients Make $39,294 Flipping Lease Options

This is so COOL!!!! Three students just made a total of $39,294 in the same week!  No one deserves this more than Steve, Will, and Henry!  They have been my hardest working students ever.  This makes it all worth it!  Congratulations, Guys!!!! 😀

Three Videos on Some Hot Topics & FAQ’s

These are three new videos I just created that I thought might help some of you…  These are some of the most common questions I get these days. (I don’t know why two videos are all grey at the beginning?!) Question – What if the house doesn’t appraise for the Option Price? Question – My […]

Why I Love What I Do

Today has been a great day.  I’m really busy – working away – doing deals and coaching students – when my kids come up and give me some awesome chocolate mint cookies!!!  Mmmm, mmmmm!  What a blessing that I get to work from home (when I’m not working from Starbucks!), hang out with my kids, […]

Interview With Client Who Is CRUSHING It Right Now

Meet Dennis who is CRUSHING it in MN right now.  He did 8 (yes, EIGHT) lease option flips in December (the slowest month of the year). It’s not that hard, folks! (BTW – the interview gets cut off at the end, but we were practically done anyway.) Right click here to download the mp3.

How Scott Made $45,000 – By Just Marketing In All The Right Places

Would you like to hear how one student, Scott, made $45,595 on his last wholesale flip?  This is really cool!  You might be surprised at how simple the answer is.     Listen To The Interview Here:

Various Testimonials

One of the best things I love about this business is having the opportunity to help other people.  I get the awesome privilege of helping people grow in their businesses and realize financial independence.  I hope your testimony will be here next!

5 Common Lease Purchase Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

If you think you can be successful in real estate investing without making mistakes, you have a lot of surprises in store!  And in fact, if you are afraid to make mistakes, you will probably never be successful in this business.  It’s a crazy world out there, and you are going to make mistakes.  It’s […]

Just Get Out There and Do It!

I get A LOT of calls and emails from beginning investors asking me for the exact scripts I use for my emails, postcards, voice mails, website, etc… I used to be exactly like that, so I understand where they are coming from. I used to ask every investor I knew in my area to give […]

Why I Love My “Job” – Part 2 – The Giant Turtle

So, here I am, working in my basement office, on a quiet Thursday morning, when I hear all this commotion outside…. There is a HUGE mutant ninja pre-historic turtle IN OUR BACKYARD!!!!! I love these moments!