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Who is Joe McCall?

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Time Sensitive – Looking For Maybe ONE More Client

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Okay - here's the deal... I am super pumped. (That picture above is from our current campsite in Sunset Bay State Park, Oregon.) I am sitting in a bagel shop somewhere along the coast of Oregon, getting a little work done, and I JUST got off the … [Continue reading]

Joe Speaking in LA on March 11 & 15!

Listen to what I will be talking about here... Hey Friends!  I will be speaking at the Real Estate Investor Club of Los Angeles coming up on this Tuesday, March 11th - and again for a full day workshop on Saturday, March 15th.  See you there? … [Continue reading]

What Are Wholesaling Lease Options / Cooperative Assignments?

Wholesaling Lease Options Money

Let me first tell you a little bit about my background.  A few years ago, I was buying a lot of homes with traditional bank financing.  When the banks started telling me that I couldn't buy anymore homes, I started buying homes "subject-to" the … [Continue reading]

Why I Love Wholesaling Lease Options

Wholesaling Lease Options Money2

I like getting right to the point...  Wholesaling Lease Options allowed me to leave my job within a matter of months because my part-time income so quickly surpassed my full-time income - and I was making $75,000 / yr! Let me give you a quick list … [Continue reading]

Best Marketing Practices for Selling Your Lease Option Home

Wholesaling Lease Options Marketing

There are some simple, basic principles for marketing a lease option home that if you consistently apply, will work wonders and help you find a well qualified tenant-buyer faster than all your competition. But.... you have to keep this incredibly … [Continue reading]

Free Marketing Tips

Wholesaling Lease Options Tips

Someone emailed me and was somewhat discouraged about the lack of response they were getting from their marketing.  I thought I would include my response here... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know it's easy to get discouraged. All I can say is don't give up! … [Continue reading]

The Real Estate Investor Creed

Wholesaling Lease Options Creed

This just came in my inbox from a great real estate teacher and investor I admire, Brian Gibbons (see his website here).  I am not sure if he wrote it, but I wanted to share it with you all.  It is now my Creed and I hope you can make it your own … [Continue reading]

Interview with Keith & Shannon French

Wholesaling Lease Options Keith and Shannon French

WOW!!!  That's about all I can say about Keith and Shannon French from Baltimore, Maryland.  I hope you guys enjoy this call as much as I did! Keith & Shannon are making an average of $20,000 - $40,000 a month Wholesaling Lease … [Continue reading]